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Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains

Get out and explore all of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife the Wasatch mountains have to offer. The Hiking Inn offers guided hiking tours that will take you to some of the most spectacular views in Utah. Hiking is our specialty. We provide all the necessary equipment and will take care of all the details so that you can fully enjoy your hiking experience. We offer beginner, intermediate and advance hikes, so finding the hike for you is easy. Here are some of our favorites. Please send us an email or call us for additional details.


Favorite Hikes

Mt. Timpanogos

Mt. Timpanogos

Level: Advanced

Elevation: 11,752

Duration (Hours): 8-10

Length (Miles): 12.40

Distance From Inn: 30 minutes

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Mill Canyon Ridge

Mill Canyon Ridge

Level: Advanced Beginner

Elevation: 7,850

Duration (Hours): 2-4

Length (Miles): 7.00

Distance From Inn: 10 minutes

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Mill Canyon Peak

Mill Canyon Peak

Level: Intermediate

Elevation: 10,349

Duration (Hours): 8-10

Length (Miles): 14.00

Distance From Inn: 15 minutes

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Hiking in Utah

Hiking in Utah

Hiking in Utah can mean standing atop a 13,000 foot mountaintop staring out over alpine lakes and dense forests of pine and aspen thousands of feet below. It can also mean trekking in a stream with water shoes through a mystical desert canyon, periodic swim breaks...

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Guided Hikes

All tours include transportation and equipment.  Prices apply for Individuals, Adult, Youth and Corporate Groups.




Interested in a Hike?

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Suggested Hiking Supplies

2 Pairs Hiking Socks (One pair in baggie)
2 Pairs Sock Liners (One pair in baggie)
Leather Hiking Boots (broken in)
Light colored Hiking Pants with Zip Off Lower Legs
Light colored Long Sleeve Shirt
Hiking Gloves
Hiking Poles
Water bladder (with 2 liter minimum capacity)
2 – one quart plastic jugs for Gatorade
Moleskin and Scissors
Small First Aid Kit
Sun Screen
Chapstick with Sunscreen
Sterile Wipes
Toilet Paper (in baggie)
Bug Spray
Breathable Waterproof Jacket or Poncho
Power Bars (1/2 for each hour of hiking)
Identification and Health Insurance Card